Construction Progress

A new and larger community center is coming to Redmond

Follow along as we update you on the progress of the new Redmond Senior & Community Center, a new facility that will offer arts, events, and recreational options for residents of all ages. 

August 2022

Excavators are on-site completing rough grading in preparation for installing aggregrate geopiers. The technical definition of the Geopier System is: a ground improvement method that prestrains and prestresses the soil using soil "replacement" and soil "displacement" technology to strengthen soft soil and loose soil with very dense, stiff, rock columns constructed by heavy equipment crowd force and vertical impact ramming. 

How it's done is fairly straight forward:

  1. Form the "geopier shaft" by drilling a hole in the soil
  2. Form a geopier "bottom bulb" by ramming crushed rock into the bottom of the geopier shaft, so that the stone is pressed against the sides and bottom. 
  3. Layer crushed rock in by successively ramming from the top. The ramming effect creates a very dense, stiff pier that expands the drilled shaft in the process and thus reinforces the soil around it. 

Some of the benefits of the geopier construction method include no complicated steel or concrete connections, cost-effectiveness, and requires less piers than typical stone columns, resulting in less time on site. 

Community Center project site

Site demolition and rough grading in preparation for geopier installation

July 2022 

The job trailer is on-site, construction fencing has been installed, and mobilization continues. Tree protection fencing is in place and excavation/demolition of the project site has begun. Please note that the construction area is closed to the public, however pedestrian access will remain open in-between the west side of the Public Safety Building and the eastern edge of the construction fence.

The Municipal Campus pickleball courts are adjacent to the active construction zone for the new senior and community center and the city remains dedicated to minimizing closures while also protecting the safety of all. The courts will be accessible via the Sammamish River Trail only. To receive the most up-to-date information, please follow the Parks and Recreation Department on Facebook where closures will be posted in real-time. 

Please visit our FAQ's for more information about our re-planting plan, community involvement, design amentities and more. 

Excavator on project site

Mobilization continues with heavy machinery on-site

June 2022

On June 2, the City of Redmond hosted the groundbreaking for the new Redmond Senior & Community Center. Community members, Mayor Birney, City Council, staff, state and regional elected officials, and members of the project team gathered at the construction site on Municipal Campus for the ceremony, followed by an open house in City Hall. With the groundbreaking completed, there is a lot for our community to look forward to. 

Linda McCrystal, a participant in the City's Senior Programs and co-chair of the Senior Advisory Committee, has been involved throughout the design process and is eager for the indoor walk/jog track, the kitchen for senior lunches, rooms for various crafts and classes, and the expanded outdoor dining oppurtunities. 

"I look forward to hopefully volunteering in the kitchen for senior lunches or the coffee bar and enjoying Rockin' on the River and Derby Day events," she said. "Having a beautiful place indoors or outside to visit, sit, relax, and eat lunch with friends, attend various classes is important and lends itself to socializing, keeping the brain stimulated."

The project is expected to open in late 2023.

Groundbreaking ceremony

The groundbreaking ceremony was held on June 2