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If you have general questions or comments about the project, email or call us at:

You can also hear about and engage with the project through the following methods:

Summary of 2020-2021 Public Outreach Process

Four targeted community outreach campaigns between 2020 and 2021 engaged thousands of seniors and community members on the urgency and priorities of this project. In addition, all pockets of the community provided input on amenities and the design that shaped the schematic design process.

From January 2021 to early April 2021, the project and design team completed extensive community involvement that involved thousands of seniors and community members through:

  • Reconvening the Recreation Stakeholder Group
  • Hosting four public meeting sessions on February 24 and March 24
  • Asking for feedback in two community-wide questionnaires where over 1,100 people submitted answers
  • Monthly mailings of the Encore newsletter to Redmond seniors
  • Sending regular e-newsletters and social media articles about the project
  • Briefings each month with the City Council and Committee of the Whole Parks & Human Services Committee
  • Briefings each month with community organizations, commissions, and committees
  • Listening sessions with small groups of seniors and the design team
  • Collecting written comment cards, and a project inbox

A summary of all community outreach was presented to City Council on June 22 (summary begins on page 8).

COVID-19 Restrictions

The City remains committed to engagement all residents in this important work. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City will communicate with the community about this project through online efforts, including virtual public meetings and virtual workshops with the Recreation Stakeholder Group. If you are a member of a local organization and would like a briefing with us, let us know at