Project Background

The City of Redmond has talked with the community about the future of Redmond Community Centers since 2015. From December 2019 through March 2020, the City of Redmond conducted a concentrated public involvement effort about “Envisioning the Future of the Redmond Senior Center” through two community-driven campaigns guided by the Stakeholder Group, inviting all members of the community to share their vision for the Redmond Senior Center building. Community priorities and values identified in the 2017 Community Priorities for the Future of Redmond’s Community Centers Report were revisited, in which the community acknowledged the need for more community centers, fitness, and community event spaces. The community was also asked to evaluate options from renovating the Senior Center, to expanding it and including some new amenities. Following this effort, the project team compiled the comments and data to finalize a recommendation for City Council in partnership with the Stakeholder Group.

In September 2019, the Redmond Senior Center in Downtown Redmond was closed after it was discovered that the structural integrity of the building was compromised and could not be occupied until structural repairs were made. A structural review of the Redmond Senior Center showed the building needed to be renovated or demolished and rebuilt.

Public involvement to date

From January through March 2020, the City of Redmond conducted a concentrated public involvement effort about “Envisioning the Future of the Redmond Senior Center.” The Redmond Community Centers Stakeholder Group, represented by 35-40 citizens from various groups in the community, guided the process. Click on the drop-downs below to learn more.

Council action

From March through October 2020, the Redmond City Council reviewed the public’s input and Stakeholder Group recommendations, discussing the policy direction and funding options with City committees and departments. In June 2020, the Council voted to authorize the Mayor to decommission and demolish the Redmond Senior Center building. In October 2020, the Council ultimately unanimously authorized the Mayor to fund additional community involvement and planning for the design of a new facility, to be located on the site of the previous Redmond Senior Center.


On November 18, 2020, the old Redmond Senior Center building was demolished. Watch the 1-minute time lapse of the demolition.

Overview of Progress since March 2020

March 5

Final Stakeholder Meeting to finalize recommendation and the Stakeholder Report

March 24

City Council received the final Stakeholder Report

May 9

General Contractor / Construction Manager Process approved by City Council

June 23

Decommission and demolition of Redmond Senior Center building approved by City Council

July 28

Final Stakeholder Report is presented to City Council

August 4 & 11, September 1 & 15

City Council Discussions

October 22

Additional Community Involvement and Design of a New Facility authorized

November 16

A call for letters of interest from partners is submitted

November 4

Opsis Architecture selected by a selection committee

November 18

Redmond Senior Center building is demolished

January 19

Redmond City Council approves architecture and design contract

Next Steps ...

$5M legislative request is cued up for next Legislative session